A real opportunity A real opportunity



Production Facilities

To advance the energy revolution, we will need to build renewable energy systems on a large scale in the coming years. Change38 has set the goal of giving this process momentum. Unfortunately, for many years now, Switzerland has been at the back of the class in Europe when it comes to electricity production per inhabitant.

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Cost-effective Production Cost-effective Production



Renewable energy prices are tumbling

Many of those interested in building a photovoltaic (PV) facility don’t yet know that the prices have fallen so low in recent years that now more than ever it is a worthwhile investment – especially if producers can sell enough electricity or consume part of it themselves. Change38 offers a new opportunity.  

Currently in Switzerland there are more than 40,000 facilities in operation – mainly PV facilities. Every operator can become an entrepreneur if they can sell their electricity. CHANGE38 would like to serve these operators as an interface through which people can offer their electricity for attractive prices, thereby generating additional income for themselves and making their PV investment even more worthwhile. 








Self-financing Self-financing



Independent of the CFR

35,000 facilities have been registered for CFR (compensatory feed-in remuneration) – in other words, government subsidies. Because there is too little money in the CFR pot, producers can no longer count on subsidies. Subsidy payments are five years in arrears, and it doesn’t look like they will ever catch up. With Change38 you will no longer have to wait for financial support as increasing numbers of enthusiastic consumers participate in the channel electricity process.  








Individual financing models Individual financing models



Outside financing of facilities

As far as we can tell, there are numerous people willing to offer their roofs for a PV facility, but who don’t have the money to make the necessary investment. There are others who are willing to amortize their investments through monthly rates spread over a 3-5-year period. Studies show that consumers who support initiatives such as Change38 would be interested and able to invest a portion of their assets in projects to build these facilities. Considering today’s interest rates, these investments offer a high rate of security and yield.

CHANGE38 would like to bring these parties together by offering viable solutions that are appropriate to everyone involved.  

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