Energy supply with future Energy supply with future


Together for the future

If you hold dear a Switzerland with high self-sufficiency of green energy in the future - not only for you, but also for the next generation - then you are right at Change38.

Together we lay the foundations for a healthy energy supply in Switzerland. With Change38, the roof of your neighbor becomes your electricity producer and you are the direct promoter of its green energy. It is thus possible to accelerate the necessary expansion of production, as the more consumers agree to the direct support of producers, the more new producers can build their plants.

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How Change38 works How Change38 works

The goal of Change38 is to complete the energy revolution by 2038 - in one generation. This is only possible if we now speed up the conversion of the power supply from central to decentralized. This means that more and more local green energy needs to be produced. More and more customers are asking for more energy from the neighborhood and are thus personally and directly fostering the further expansion that is triggered by the demand generated.

Together with the smart app, with the possibilities at home to trim the devices to green energy, entirely new experiences are made in the application of energy. The weekly news constantly raise the knowledge about the energy revolution and you will always be able to have a say.

This direct influence on the further expansion of energy production from renewable energies through the support of selected producers, together with the additional benefits of Change38, is unique. Thus, the energy supply with future is already ushered in now.

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Video how Change38 works Video how Change38 works



Locally sourced energy is brilliant!

This short video introduces Change38 and shows you how it works.

More about the Concept.

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With intelligent control of the devices and appliances in your home (automatically or remotely), you always know what’s going on in your household. When you automatically adjust your energy consumption to your neighbor’s green energy production, you earn bonus points.


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