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Green energy for your household

You love nature with everything it has to offer? We do the same. That's why Change38 promotes green energy producers by helping consumers benefit from the new possibilities offered by Change38 and thus reward the producers who invest in plants. Not only that: You are also rewarding yourself by now having the certainty that the vacuum cleaner which is currently in operation, thanks to the intelligent plug of Change38, also uses the electricity that is assigned to it - the neighborhood and your environment.

As a consumer, you can decide where clean electricity is produced for you, and you can run your washing machine when the availability of green energy is particularly high. Change38 is the basis for a green and environmentally friendly future - be part of it!

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How does Change38 work? How does Change38 work?

No matter how you look on it the energy revolution has just begun. To stop the climate change, and to give nature and humankind a lasting perspective, requires new paths. With the choice of the producers that produce green energy for you and with the app, which allows the adjustment of your consumption to the availability of green energy, pursuit such a path is now possible. Thus, more and more clean, locally produced electricity can be consumed in the same place. Change38 works without any green energy certificates, because the production and the consumption are constantly measured and matched in real-time thanks to state-of-the-art computer science.

In addition, the producers who invested their money in a sustainable future are rewarded by the contribution they receive from the subscription fee.

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Video how Change38 works Video how Change38 works



Locally sourced energy is brilliant!

This short video introduces Change38 and shows you how it works.

More about the Concept.

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With intelligent control of the devices and appliances in your home (automatically or remotely), you always know what’s going on in your household. When you automatically adjust your energy consumption to your neighbor’s green energy production, you earn bonus points.


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