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Electricity from the neighborhood

Have you ever wondered what happens to the electricity produced in your neighborhood from renewable sources?

Wouldn’t it be great to support this type of electricity so that more is made available? Particularly if you can reduce your own personal ecological footprint in the process. 


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The Energy Internet

Until recently, electricity has been produced almost exclusively by nuclear, coal or hydroelectric power stations.

Now, electricity is increasingly being produce in your neighborhood. Change38 has created a concept to make this locally produced electricity available to consumers through the energy internet via digitalization. 

Consumer Pool Consumer Pool



The consumer selects the electricity producer. 

Each consumer puts together the pool of producers that he or she would like to reward.

Just imagine a virtual bathtub, which you fill with virtual channel energy via the energy internet. The producers create electricity using the sun, wind, water or biogas and consumers put together their own mixes via an app.  As a consumer, you can see the actual production of channel electricity and your own consumption - the virtual filling and emptying of your electricity tub. 



Sharing-model Sharing-model



Change38 democratizes the energy market

Change38 democratizes the energy market virtually, because it pools producers and consumers using a so-called sharing economy model (made famous by such business concepts as Airbnb and Uber).  





Two strong partners Two strong partners



Intelligent compatibility has a future

Change38 has two sides – the producers and the consumers. If the consumers use channel electricity while it is being produced, both parties will be rewarded. 

The consumer receives intelligent plugs, which make their electrical use visible in the app. The consumer can then control electrical appliances either automatically or by hand to adapt electricity use to the current rate of electricity production.

The producer is rewarded with a higher rate of kWh compensation if they make their channel electricity surplus available when consumer demand among their followers is greater. In order to achieve this, batteries can be used to store midday electricity and make it available in the evening. The more often production and use occur simultaneously, the less stress there is on the network and the less often channel electricity has to be disposed of or use expensive storage. 



Moving ahead! Moving ahead!



Change38 is accelerating the energy revolution

Supporters of self-optimized channel electricity and enthusiastic consumers favor the building of new facilities.  The need for base load power from fossil fuels and nuclear sources is increasingly being replaced by well-balanced local channel electricity. Because of this, the energy revolution will be completed within a single generation – by the year 2038. Join in and register.

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