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Access-Kit Access-Kit


The simple Access-Kit is fastly installed and gives you first steps into the energy revolution (energy wifi)

The Access-Kit consists of hard-and software. The hardware measures the consumption of the connected devices and enables you to turn the so called Smart-Plugs on and off, which allows you to use energy when it's available. The app (free in the App-Store and Google Play) shows you your energy consumption, informs you about your energy producers and provides you with news of the environment and energy.

How Change38 works How Change38 works


How does Change38 work?

Change38 reorganises the power supply. The green energy produced by your producers becomes visible in real time. Thus, you know when a lot of clean energy is available and therefore you can use it. With the app you can also let this process happen automaticially. Moreover you can measure the consumption of devices, lights or other loads and even turn them on or off. Of course everywhere, even when you are not at home. Instead of worrying about whether you have turned off the stove, a quick look at the app suffices and you can keep going reassured.

So, what are you waiting for? Support the energy revolution and buy the Starter-Access-Kit.

Energy Map Energy Map


See where your energy comes from

For the first time you can see where you obtain your energy from. On the interactive map you see your and additional producers. That's how you can get to the informations of the individual producers or control your own consumption.




How to install the Starter-Package

The installation of the Access-Kit is fairly easy. Take a look at the video above and convince yourself.

Right? Then go ahead and buy your Access-Kit here.

The Change38-App The Change38-App


The App

With the free app you control your devices from anywhere. Litterally anywhere. You see what consumes how much energy and where you got it from. The app also informs you about your producers and news in the energy branch.
Here you can download the app and take a look at it.







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Energy Producer Stadion St. Jakob-Park Basel Energy Producer Stadion St. Jakob-Park Basel


St. Jakob-Park, Basel

Switzerland’s largest stadium, St. Jakob Park in Basel, seats 38,500 visitors. This soccer stadium, known to fans as “Joggeli”, was opened in March 2001 and is home to the award-winning FC Basel.

The energy produced in the house facility is as green as the grass on the playing field. Since 2013, a 5200 m² photovoltaic system has covered the entire stadium roof providing green energy for the facility. 3170 solar modules generate electricity for 230 average homes in Basel – or for 50 FC Basel games. 


Energy Producer Zoo Basel Energy Producer Zoo Basel


Basel Zoo

Founded in 1874, the Basel Zoo is not only the oldest Swiss zoo, but also by far the zoo with the most animals. Visitors can marvel at about 7,000 of them from different species housed on 13 hectares of land.

While the Basel Zoo provides a home for so many animals, it also provides many of Basel’s residents with green electricity. The photovoltaic system on the roof of the administration building provides enough power for two average households.

Water Laboratory IWB Water Laboratory IWB



Water laboratory, Basel

Since 1999 employees at the IWB have made sure that Basel has had qualitatively safe drinking water. This is done at the IWB water laboratory where water samples are tested and analyzed for microbes. The lab doesn’t just make sure the water is drinkable, it also provides green electricity. Since 2013 a photovoltaic facility has been in operation and provides 10 average Basel households with electricity. 

Household Gysin Household Gysin


Family Gysin, Schönenbuch

When planning and implementing the continuous renovation of our property (built in 1971), we have recently begun placing our focus on reducing our energy consumption. We began by insulating the entire building envelope (including against the cold areas toward the bottom and the top). We replaced the oil heating system with the most modern air and water heat pump available. In 2014 we put a photovoltaic system with high-performance modules into operation. This system produces about 10MW per year. With this step, we have met our energy requirements for electricity (the house + e-vehicle), hot water, and heating.  We have reached our personal goal of “an energy revolution” at a family level.

We would like to raise awareness and encourage other people to embark on a climate friendly path.  In addition, we want to share the surplus energy produced by our system with like-minded people rather than just feed it into storage within the network.