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We have long been in the age of electricity and must now face the challenge of meeting and securing the increased energy requirements for the future.

In Germany, over a third of the electricity produced through central fossil fuel production (nuclear and coal) has given way to decentralized regional supplies. Over half of this new production belongs to the more than one million new energy producers who are driving this trailblazing and revolutionary movement. 

The trend is toward systems whose energy production is decentralized and whose energy is made available where it is used. This development is spilling over into Switzerland. The federal government’s strategy calls for a gradual nuclear power phase-out and a restructuring of the Swiss energy system by 2050. However, we are convinced that one generation is enough time for a 100% changeover to renewable energy in Switzerland. We are sure we can exceed the goal set by the government by 2038.

As more people use channel electricity, the number of producers will increase, and the energy revolution will advance. The Swiss feel the need to meet their electricity requirements autonomously. Channel electricity is being digitized and made increasingly visible; it is being made available as information for new market models like Change38. CHANGE38 gives consumers what they want and is taking a big step into the future by providing pooling and distribution of channel electricity in a peer-to-peer model.


* The electricity of the future is channel electricity. It is the added value of simultaneous production and consumption in the not yet completely liberalized Swiss market, which also subscribes to power plant electricity. Channel electricity is not a power company’s brand (for example, Naturemade Star). It is locally produced electricity, which is directly and visibly shared virtually between producers and consumers. Using permanent real-time readings, CHANGE38 lets participants know how much is currently being consumed and which part of that is channel electricity.


Founder Founder


«The electricity of the future is alive and accessible.»

Robert Bühler, founder of Change38 and CEO of In Situ Energy AG, has a degree in computer science (Dipl. Wirtschaftsinformatiker FH), is the father of four teenagers, and has been self-employed for over 15 years.

Five years ago he ventured into the clean tech field and has since acquired in-depth knowledge of the on-going energy revolution. With CHANGE38 he hopes to accelerate the implementation of the federal government’s energy strategy. 

Peter Reiser

CHANGE38 Milestones CHANGE38 Milestones



The IWB power company in Basel breaks new ground with the launch of  «Change38».

Now it is easy to select electricity from renewable sources from your neighborhood – and local electricity producers can find new customers on their doorsteps. 




Science Science


Holistic solutions such as Change38 involve technology, people, and the economy!

The Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts is supporting CHANGE38 with the development of a business model using a specially developed simulation model in order to optimize the components of the business model using different pool constellations and taking into consideration extreme events, as well as using surveys for verification. CHANGE38 authorizes the University to verify research results and to explore other approaches in order to improve the production and consumption of locally produced renewable energy.

This work has been done and supported within the framework of the Swiss Competence Center for Energy Research – future energy efficient buildings and areas (SCCER FEEB&D, KTI.1155000149).